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Google’s “Smart” Contact Lens Can Help Manage Diabetes

Google's "Smart" Contact Lens Can Help Manage Diabetes

Typically, contact lenses help people see clearly, but leave it to Google to go “outside the box” with its own contacts, which have medical benefits that go way beyond mere vision. In fact, Google’s lenses don’t help you see at all. Rather, they monitor your blood sugar (AKA glucose) levels. If that doesn’t sound useful […]

Top 10 Medical Reasons Why People Visit Doctors

Top 10 Medical Reasons Why People Visit Doctors

Just like it’s important for store owners to know which merchandise customers buy the most, it’s important for doctors and other medical professionals to know which conditions patients most often want treated. This knowledge can help a medical staff allocate resources and be prepared to answer questions, provide treatment and keep informed of the latest […]

Does Marijuana Make You Skinny?

Does Marijuana Make You Skinny?

Popular thought has it that smoking marijuana gives you “the munchies,” making smokers eat more than non-smokers — in excess of 600 calories more, according to a 2006 study — but if that’s true, why aren’t potheads noticeably fatter than the rest of the population? As it turns out, that’s exactly what a group of […]

The Man with Four Kidneys and Three Pancreases

Carl Jones

Some people have a lot of heart, others have a lot of brains; Carl Jones has a lot of kidneys. The 32-year-old Welshman from the small town of Carmarthen has four of the organ, in fact, and three pancreases to boot. The situation came about as the result of Jones’ type 1 diabetes, a disease […]