6 Useful Medical Assistant Interview Tips

6 Useful Medical Assistant Interview Tips

6 Useful Medical Assistant Interview Tips

Having an interview for a medical assistant job can be a nerve-wracking experience, but if you prepare ahead of time, you should be able to ace it with flying colors. Here are some tips for steps to take before, during and after an interview to help maximize your chances of landing the job.

Polish Your Resume

Your interviewer has probably already seen your resume, but double-check it to make sure there are no typos or any missing information. Even if there are no changes to make, bring extra copies with you to the interview; there may be multiple interviewers, some of whom may not have a copy with them. Use these resume tips to make sure your resume looks professional, has all the information relevant to the position you’re applying for and is up-to-date.

Research the Practice

Finding out all you can about the medical practice or hospital that could be hiring you is important because it not only shows the interviewer that you have an interest in the position, but it also helps you know if this is actually the job you want. Go online and visit the practice’s official website, plus any social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see what you can find out about the history, the specialties, the work environment and any recent major developments in the way they operate. Poll your friends and acquaintances to see if anyone you know has worked there and can shed any additional light.

Practice Interview Questions

There’s a relatively small pool of questions from which interviewers pull questions, and you should become familiar with as many of them as possible. This will help ease your nerves and allow you exude confidence in your abilities as a medical assistant. Prepare and practice your answers to typical medical assistant interview questions until you know them in your sleep.

Dress for Success

You made a good enough first impression on paper to get the interview; don’t blow it by making a poor first impression in person. Like it or not, first impressions tend to be visual, so make sure you look the part of a competent, professional medical assistant. If you’re unsure whether to wear business or business casual attire, go with business; it’s always better to overdress than to underdress. A dark-colored suit (male or female) is never inappropriate.

Ask Questions

Typically, after the interviewer has finished asking you questions, they’ll allow you to turn the tables. Rather than saying you have nothing to ask, show you have interest in the practice and in the job by asking one or more questions. Who knows, it may even help clarify in your mind if this is the position for you. But make sure you ask the right question(s). Aim for ones that convey your eagerness to perform well in the job and that allow you to respond by bragging about your best qualities — such as “What attributes are you looking for in a medical assistant that will make them successful in this role?” If you’re interviewing with your potential supervisor, you can even try to figure out if they’re the type of boss you’d like by asking about their background and what they like most about the practice. Consider asking for a tour so you can meet potential colleagues and perhaps ask them about their experiences working there.

Follow Up

When you get home after the interview, immediately send a thank you letter addressed to each of the interviewers (Get their business cards at the end of the interview.). Thank them for the opportunity, and use it as an excuse to restate your qualifications and your eagerness to get the job. If you haven’t heard back about the status of the job in a couple of weeks, send a short email to the interviewer(s) asking them politely if a decision has been made.

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