9 Unusual Locations for Medical Assistant Jobs

9 Unusual Locations for Medical Assistant Jobs

Unusual Locations for Medical Assistant Jobs

Although most medical assistants work in doctors’ offices, there are plenty of opportunities to find MA jobs in locations outside the norm. For medical assistant job seekers struggling to locate openings, here are some “out of the box” places you might not think to look.

1) Hospice

A hospice is an end-of-life facility for terminally ill patients. Medical assistant tasks in a hospice support the overall goal of easing patients’ pain and suffering, both physical and emotional.

Actual duties advertised: Record management, time card processing, auditing patient charts and medical records, reviewing quarterly reports, communicating with patients families and physicians regarding plan of care, coordinating meetings with staff

2) Free Clinic

A free clinic provides medical services to patients with low income and little or no healthcare insurance. Because they are non-profit organizations, free clinic workers are often voluntary, but the position can still provide essential experience for a young medical assistant. There’s still a chance that a free clinic job can include a salary, so make sure to check before applying.

Actual duties advertised: Greeting patients, managing patient care flow, preparing patients for provider by reviewing current medications and record in medical record, taking vital signs, follow-up scheduling, preparing charts, setting up exam rooms, preparing lab work, performing diagnostic tests, assisting provider during examinations

3) Planned Parenthood

Like the free clinic, Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization, but its medical assistance focuses on reproductive health. It should be noted that since one of its services is abortions, Planned Parenthood is a controversial entity, and any medical assistant who works there could encounter hostility from the public, such as protesters outside the clinic.

Actual duties advertised: Screening clients, preparing exam rooms, covering the front office, scheduling appointments, providing abortion referral and education, providing sterilization education and education, assisting and supporting the clinical staff in the provision of family planning and other medical services, preparing center for opening and securing it for closing

4) Homeless Shelter

Homeless shelters provide the homeless with food, shelter, job and housing services and sometimes medical care. This is where a medical assistant comes in.

Actual duties advertised: Escorting patients to exam rooms, collecting and documenting vital signs, reconciling medications, scheduling referrals, administering injections, maintaining medical equipment and records, maintaining and cleaning exam rooms, answering phones, calling in prescriptions

5) Plastic Surgery Facility

A plastic surgeon performs corrective surgery for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. Although not a traditional doctor’s office, a plastic surgery facility often has a need for a medical assistant.

Actual duties advertised: Answering phones, scheduling, checking in patients, taking medical histories, processing medical records requests, taking and editing photographs of patients, purchasing and maintaining medical supplies, cleaning exam rooms, processing pathology specimens, assisting with office procedures (such as Botox) and patient care (dressing changes, suture removal, etc.)

6) Medical Weight Loss Center

Medical weight loss centers aid patients in losing weight by providing nutrition, exercise and behavioral counseling involving actual medical doctors. Medical assistants interested in this field may want to search for a MA career training program that has a focus in weight management or nutrition.

Actual duties advertised: Assisting in examinations and procedures, organizing and managing patient flow, gathering/documenting patient screening data, performing diagnostic testing, assisting with patient and family education, cleaning rooms and instruments, ordering supplies, scheduling appointments, handles physician correspondence, managing insurance referrals

7) College

Most colleges have a student health center that provides basic medical care to students. These aren’t long-term patients, a steady dose of new students each year should provide job stability.

Actual duties advertised: Greeting patients and showing them to their rooms, taking patient vitals, drawing blood, record keeping

8) Airport

With all the people coming through airports on a daily basis, it’s not surprising that many of the larger facilities have medical clinics inside them to treat travelers if an emergency arises.

Actual duties advertised: Assisting with treatments ordered by physicians, performing select clinical duties, interviewing patients, taking vital signs, recording information on patients’ charts, preparing treatment rooms, answering phones, maintaining records, filing, ordering and stocking of supplies, maintaining a clean and orderly environment

9) Resort

Some resorts may include a medical center for guests to use if a health issue comes up during their vacation. Depending on where it is, it could be a very scenic workplace for a medical assistant.

Actual duties advertised: Preparing patients for examination, performing EKG testing, giving injections, administering drug and alcohol tests, performing quality control on lab equipment, taking vital signs, copying, filing, receptionist duties

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