Bars Getting Pregnancy Test Vending Machines

Bars Getting Pregnancy Test Vending Machines

It’s not unusual for bars to have vending machines offering cigarettes or condoms or mouth wash but one bar in Mankato, Minnesota now sports a rather unique pregnancy test dispenser. The machine comes courtesy of a group called Healthy Brains for Children.

The purpose of the machines is to help stem the tide of children born with fetal alcohol syndrome. The non-profit hopes to put the machines in 100 different bars across Minnesota. Pub 500 is one of the bars with the machines and its co-owner Tom Frederick wants to make clear that this isn’t a money making venture for them.

“I don’t make a dime on the machine,” he said. “We just gave them wall space.”

A sign posted above the pregnancy test dispenser warns about the dangers of drinking while pregnant. “A pregnant mother should not be drinking, and there are many cases where she may not even know that she is pregnant,” it reads.

(Source:  NeatORama)

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