Can You Really Get to Tell Yourself to Say No?

Can You Really Get to Tell Yourself to Say No?

One of the hardest things faced when in a diet or practicing self-discipline is the ability to say “NO” to certain foods, or habits one has been doing for a while. In a life of people getting used to fad diets, having to face another “new” product, how do we say no?

One thing we have to say no to in a healthy lifestyle is anything in excess. Excess sleep deprivation, alcoholic intake and even food. It might not be hard for some, but to some it takes almost every inch of willpower, sometimes, in the end, or in days, you find yourself saying “yes” to what you have been avoiding.

Tip: Love moderation. Tell yourself that anything in excess is bad and that anything in moderation is good. For starters, it might be too hard to just replace anything you have been used to.

Willpower and self-discipline are different. Will power is when you muster all you mind energy into doing something to get a temporary boost in bending your own principles to your will.

Self-discipline however is something you do as a habit for long periods of time. Use willpower sparingly because it can lead to procrastination, lower self esteem and depression if you use it too often because it burns you out.

When do you use will power? When you face a temptation in according to a health plan or goal. You might want to sleep early but friends are inviting you for a night of alcohol and fun. This is when will power comes in. It is okay to say “no” to friends sometimes, especially if your plans and health is on the line.

Ask yourself if there is some will power in you that has enough drive to say no in bad habits and saying yes to good ones? If you value your health, family and finances, you will find that saying “no” for a better cause is okay.

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