Health Watch Blog - Part 16

Can You Really Get to Tell Yourself to Say No?

One of the hardest things faced when in a diet or practicing self-discipline is the ability to say “NO” to certain foods, or habits one has been doing for a while. In a life of people getting used to fad diets, having to face another “new” product, how do we say no?

One thing we have to say no to in a healthy lifestyle is anything in excess. Excess sleep deprivation, alcoholic intake and even food. It might not be hard for some, but to some it takes almost every inch of willpower, sometimes, in the end, or in days, you find yourself saying “yes” to what you have been avoiding.

Tip: Love moderation. Tell yourself that anything in excess is bad and that anything in moderation is good. For starters, it might be too hard to just replace anything you have been used to.
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What Can 10 minutes Do for a Better Health?

Most of the people who are not introduced to a healthy lifestyle of activities like walking in a treadmill or having a healthy snack may often find it hard to start living the way they want to. And to avoid many complications in the future. For some it takes some real sheer willpower to do a thing, but most may end in despair and quitting.

What may be wrong? Encountering many people with this way of thinking have one thing in common; they think they have to spend countless hours just to get their blood going. How about work and family?
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How Oral Care is Important for Better Health

Who would have thought that taking care of our teeth would come along way more than just saving our loved ones from bad breath or irritation caused by bacteria in our mouth? Oral care is important because many studies have shown its relation to the conditions of the heart.

A study in London according to Reuters showed that those people who have poor oral hygiene have increased risks in heart diseases. According to the study, unhealthy gums are likely to promote diabetes and other heart problems. The inflammation of organs in the body, which in this case is gums and teeth, relate to clogged up arteries.

But how would people in olden times take care of their teeth if there were no toothbrush and toothpaste? They had a diet with a lot of vitamins and nutrients. This helped maintain their tooth enamel by limiting the sugar that usually rots present-day teeth.
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A Vitamin-Rich Diet is A Healthier Diet

Many times people might get the wrong idea in dieting. Some think that a low calorie diet or a high protein diet is healthy and it will compliment the healthy lifestyle of activities everyday. There are many diet plans that has concepts like this. But for the practical everyday person who does not want a complicated and calculated diet, there are few concepts you might find useful in planning your diet.

We get most of our vitamins and nutrients from the foods we eat. But some may not have access to healthy choices of food all the time that their only access is fast food or any convenient, easy-to-prepare food. Sometimes we may take for granted the importance of these vitamins for the proper functioning of our organs and systems in battling elements that can weaken our immune system.

How do we make sure that we get everything we need?
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The Benefits of Exercise in a Progressive World

People can sometimes be too lazy to exercise; some believe many things that give the excuse not to exercise. But any physical activity has been a part of a lifestyle that is less prone to diseases, and any exercise routine has been an indicator to our body that we need to get the blood going to keep the heart and arteries healthy, and the mind too.

This progressive world of almost pure work and no play has taken a toll on us. The demands of an ever changing world has limited the opportunity to sweat, take a walk and rather spend more time on a chair for most hours of the day.

Good thing that in the wellness awareness generation we are experiencing today, people make more effort to have physical activities to enhance the mind and the body, for some of its reasons.

Awareness is sometimes not enough, or maybe too late for some.
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