Scientists Developing a "Stay Sober" Pill

Scientists Developing a “Stay Sober” Pill

American and Australian researchers recently reported a study in which they were able to keep mice from getting completely sloshed. Though it sounds rather inconsequential scientists believe that this study could one day pave the way for what they’re calling a “stay-sober pill.”

It turns out that when mice get drunk they pretty much act the same way we do. They fall over, stumble and occasionally break down sobbing in the middle of sex. The mice in the study were given enough alcohol to make them drunk but by giving them the drug they were able to limit the effects of the alcohol and keep them from even getting a bit tipsy.

Their study focused on what’s called glial cells in the brain and could explain why alcohol effects different people in different manners.
The glial cells in the brain make up 90% of our gray matter and play a significant role in our immune systems, helping us stave off infections like meningitis. In the experiment, shutting off this immune response produced a remarkable effect – it kept the mice from getting drunk. But correct me if I’m wrong they also just made them supremely susceptible to you know, infections… like meningitis.

But hey, you can totally drink that last shot and not be as tipsy! So it’s all a matter of weighing your options.


(Source: Telegraph)

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