The Ups and Downs of Stress at Work

The Ups and Downs of Stress at Work

Stress is one of the most common things all of us experience. While normal, it can be sometimes annoying or harmful that can affect the performance and relationships of the employee. There are some sure signs that manifests when stress.

One of the obvious manifestations of stress is the sudden rise of temper, even at the slightest trigger. This can be caused by some hormones released in the body that can make the heart beat faster, shortness of breath and other symptoms.

Stress is not always bad; it can help maintain focus at some big projects because it gives boosts of energy. But we have to remember too much of anything is bad. As long term stress can cause many health problems and worse, relationship problems.

We often feel stressed and depressed because of the lack of control in many situations, in this case, the workplace. This is caused by increased work load, higher expectations and no satisfaction.

To have proper stress management skills, the first skill worth practicing is control on the things within and what is possible. The control over the workload even in increased responsibilities starts with planning and priorities to be able to work properly.

Communication and compromise are sometimes the answer to stress caused by conflict of interest. Talking with the boss and co-workers often and building good rapport can make sure that whatever the problem is, it can be talked in a good manner.

Balance is what keeps stress building up and what makes a person happy. All work and no play can mean health problems, lack of social interaction and no love for one’s well being. Always have time to relax and stay positive to be one top of things, especially stress.

Stress in inevitable, as long as there are constant changes and conflicts in opinion and interest. Having a balance life inside and outside of the office would help prevent the complications of health problems caused by stress.

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