Useful Websites for Medical Assistants

Useful Websites for Medical Assistants

Useful Websites for Medical Assistants

In this online world we live in, there’s a wealth on information available on the Web that can prove beneficial to medical assistants. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student still studying to become a medical assistant, a recent graduate looking for a medical assisting job or a working medical assistant who needs a little refresher course on performing your duties, you can find help online. Here is a list of some of the websites that medical assistants might find useful.

For Medical Assisting Students:
A large reference site full of links for medical students of all disciplines. Of greatest interest to medical assistant students will likely be the long list of links to free medical textbooks online, which can help reinforce their learning in the classroom at no cost.

Medical Matrix
A well-organized site of links to medical information (textbooks, journals, websites, etc.) covering several topics that might prove useful to medical assistants, such as: ethics, coding, anatomy and computing.
This huge repository of free e-books has an ample section for medical textbooks, divided into dozens of subjects.

The Merck Manual Home Health Handbook
This useful reference provides general overviews on a variety of medical topics in plain English. Of particular use is its Resources section, which gives help on basics some might take for granted, like pronunciations, weights and measures and common medical tests.

Not only is this a medical dictionary containing thousands of medical terms, but it also contains over 200,000 healthcare acronyms and abbreviations, plus databases of medical equipment, FDA-approved drugs, ICD codes and directories of hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.
Mnemonics are learning devices (like “backronyms”) to help you remember information, and this site is full of user-submitted mnemonics to help medical students and professionals to recall all those little details that sometimes seem impossible to memorize.

For Medical Assisting Graduates Looking for a Job:

Nurse Emp
Despite the name, this site has job listings not just for nurses, but for other healthcare positions as well, including medical assistants.
This “monster” of a job search site has a healthcare section that has tons of medical assistant ads.

Health Career Web
Use the search function of this medical career web site to find a bunch of medical assistant jobs.

For Working Medical Assistants:

Medical assistants who have billing and coding responsibilities might find this site, an online database of medical billing codes and information, very useful indeed.

The Health Insurance Directory
This site contains a directory that lists all major health insurances in the United States, including links to their websites.

Medical assistants who want to further their career by becoming certified should check out the following certification organizations:

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