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There are many medical assistant schools in North Dakota where medical assisting students may gain the skills needed to join the field of medical assisting. These North Dakota medical assistant programs are offered in vocational schools, technical institutes, colleges, or online schools. A medical assisting diploma or certificate can normally be earned in a 1-year program, while an Associates degree will be completed in two years at a community college. An internship may be included. Training at North Dakota medical assistant schools usually includes class work and laboratory experience.

What is a Medical Assistant?

In today’s busy medical office, routine clinical duties are often carried out by a qualified medical assistant. The duties of a medical assistant may vary from the routine taking of medical histories and checking blood pressures to more involved tasks such as monitoring the electrical activity of the heart by means of an electrocardiogram. Often, medical assistants work side-by-side with physicians helping with wound bandaging and other direct care tasks. The duties of a medical assistant are generally varied and depend upon the specific employment.

Medical Assistant Careers in North Dakota

Recognized as an invaluable member of the team, medical assistants are finding opportunities for employment in a large number of North Dakota’s busy medical clinics and doctors’ offices. The demand for trained, qualified medical assistants continues to rise. This demand extends to the administrative areas of the medical practice as many medical assistants are now being hired as office managers and administrators. The highest concentration of medical assistants is found in the Bismarck area.

Medical Assistant Salaries in North Dakota

A qualified medical assistant in North Dakota can expect to earn an annual medical assistant salary of around $27,900. As the need for medical assistants continues to grow, and as doctors continue to recognize the value of medical assistants, it is expected that the annual salary should increase as well. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Financial Aid in North Dakota

Financial aid in the form of grants and loans are generally available for students who meet certain financial guidelines. Generally, financial aid is only available to students of accredited schools. Colleges always have financial aid officers who can answer specific questions.

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