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Google’s “Smart” Contact Lens Can Help Manage Diabetes

Google's "Smart" Contact Lens Can Help Manage Diabetes

Typically, contact lenses help people see clearly, but leave it to Google to go “outside the box” with its own contacts, which have medical benefits that go way beyond mere vision. In fact, Google’s lenses don’t help you see at all. Rather, they monitor your blood sugar (AKA glucose) levels. If that doesn’t sound useful […]

Eye Jewelry: The Latest Implant You Probably Shouldn’t Get

Eye Jewelry: The Latest Implant You Probably Shouldn't Get

Just when you thought humans had run out of different medical ways to alter their bodies, along comes eye jewelry. This isn’t a run of the mill eyebrow piercing, mind you; it’s a piece of metal implanted IN THE EYEBALL. It’s enough to make you shed a tear.

Iris Scanners: A Medical Assistant’s Best Friend?

Could Medical Assistants One Day Greet Patients with an Iris Scan?

It sounds like something you’d see alongside flying cars and tube transportation on The Jetsons, but iris scanning could be coming to a doctor’s office near you sooner than you’d think. Why is this noteworthy for medical assistants? Well, one of the primary tasks that medical assistants perform every day is maintaining patient records, and […]