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Google’s “Smart” Contact Lens Can Help Manage Diabetes

Google's "Smart" Contact Lens Can Help Manage Diabetes

Typically, contact lenses help people see clearly, but leave it to Google to go “outside the box” with its own contacts, which have medical benefits that go way beyond mere vision. In fact, Google’s lenses don’t help you see at all. Rather, they monitor your blood sugar (AKA glucose) levels. If that doesn’t sound useful […]

Some Medical Assistants Work With Robot Doctors

Some Medical Assistants Work With Robot Doctors

As we move closer to the inevitable apocalyptic war between machines and humans that The Terminator predicted, robots continue to take on bigger and more impressive tasks — and this time, medical assistants are on the front line. You see, more and more hospitals have begun using “telepresence robots” when there aren’t enough doctors to […]

Useful Smartphone Apps for Medical Assistants

The Instant Heart Rate app

It seems like there’s a smartphone app for everything nowadays, and apparently that applies even to duties performed by medical assistants. With apps like the ones listed below, it’s not hard to imagine a not-so-distant future in which smartphones are standard medical assistant tools used to check patients’ vitals. Indeed, chances are one or more […]