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Subway Isn’t as Healthy as You Think

Subway Isn't as Healthy as You Think

Ever since it began running its commercials about Jared Fogle’s weight loss in 2000, the Subway restaurant franchise has gained a reputation of being a healthy alternative to typical fast food fare. But is that perception warranted? Sure, perhaps on some level, but probably not to the extent that you assume. A recent study put […]

Does Marijuana Make You Skinny?

Does Marijuana Make You Skinny?

Popular thought has it that smoking marijuana gives you “the munchies,” making smokers eat more than non-smokers — in excess of 600 calories more, according to a 2006 study — but if that’s true, why aren’t potheads noticeably fatter than the rest of the population? As it turns out, that’s exactly what a group of […]