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Not to be confused with online schools, medical assistant correspondence schools offer students the ability to learn at their own pace without having to log onto a computer or use the internet.

How Medical Assistant Correspondence Schools Work

Medical assistant correspondence schools work by corresponding through mail. In this alternative learning style, the school sends “learning packets” through the mail, including all required reading, textbooks, and assignments for a period of several weeks. The student completes the reading and assignments at home at his or her own pace, then sends the appropriate items back through the mail. Communication with the instructor is usually carried out through email, and sometimes by phone.

Benefits of Correspondence Education

Correspondence learning represents the most flexible option available to medical assisting students, as students are not required to use the Internet and are dealing with even wider deadlines than with online classes. Program costs are even lower than with online classes, as the school uses almost no resources in conducting a correspondence course.

This style of learning is beneficial for medical assistant students who hold full-time jobs, especially those who spend their work days in front of a computer screen. As with online courses, students with families or military obligations can also benefit from this flexible learning style.

Another benefit to medical assisting correspondence courses is the more tactile style of learning, for those who favor reading from books and paper materials rather than a computer screen.

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