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Medical assistants are in high demand in St. Louis, and St. Louis medical assistant schools can help medical assisting students gain the skills they need to stand out in this fast-growing job market. Hospitals, doctors offices, clinics, and retirement communities all require the skills of trained St. Louis medical assistants in their daily business routines. You can complete your training at a medical assistant school in St. Louis in as little as two years and enter the workforce right out of school. Many medical assistant schools offer classes in the evenings and on weekends to fit around the busy work schedules of their students.

Working as a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants perform a diverse range of duties depending on their place of employment. In general, a medical assistant is expected to support the medical staff in any way necessary. Medical assistants may be involved in keeping patient files organized, tracking appointments, and greeting patients when they arrive. A medical assistant is also qualified to assist a doctor during routine examinations. You may prepare the examination room before the patient arrives and leaves. The doctor may ask that you organize and prepare any necessary instruments for a medical procedure. The medical assistant is the person a patient will spend the most amount of time with, and it is your job to make sure the patient feels comfortable and well cared for during their visit.

Job Opportunities and Salary Expectations

Most medical assistants in the St. Louis area work directly with physicians in small medical offices or clinics. The types of clinics you may work for can vary. Medical assistants are a necessary part of the operations of clinics that treat children, families, adults, or specialty medicine. The average beginning salary for a St. Louis medical assistant who has some training and certification is around $27,080 per year.  Though certification is not always legally required, you will earn a higher salary and find work more easily if you have completed some formal training. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

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