Misusage of Food Labels in the Wellness Industry

Misusage of Food Labels in the Wellness Industry

While the wellness industry is known to one of the fastest growing industries today, there are some misconceptions developed within people about healthy food choices. Sometimes they use it too much for marketing, and that is sad.

When products are labeled common wellness-support labels like “zero-gram trans fat” or “organic” or “whole”, it tends to create a notion that it is healthy so let us buy it. Although it seems to be perfectly fine, it kind of creates a mindset that it is good to consume a great amount of it, especially for people who are used to large quantities of food.

In support to this statement, using “low-calories” or “low fat” may not always be the case. According to an article : “Organic Labels May Trick Dieters Into Eating More”, talking about organics may trigger consumers minds about being less so it is okay to consume more, and that is bad conditioning.

For people conscious on their diet, it is still best to mind the quality of food and the nutrition it brings, as to while organic foods maybe the best option, it is still in the quantity of food consume and nutritional value we all should base our diets.

Think about “organics” and other innovations a new way to enjoy the ordinary food into a more nutritious one, and not an excuse to eat more of it. It just means we get more nutrients as compared to foods with “empty” nutritional value. In the wellness-awareness revolution, knowledge and research will give you most out of every innovation in pursuit of good health.

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