Health Watch Blog - Part 14

Pervy Doctor Uses Spy Watch to Film Patients

Doctor Davinderjit Bains

If James Bond were a doctor…and a criminal…and a skeezy perv, he might be something like Davinderjit Bains, a general practitioner who was arrested recently for secretly filming his examinations of female patients using…his wristwatch? It turns out that during his four-year stint practicing medicine in the small town of Royal Wootton Bassett in southwestern England, the 45-year-old physician wore a Tieex HD Spy Watch Digital Video Recorder similar to the one below (price tag: only about $90), allowing him to take high-quality video of his patients in compromising positions and in various stages of undress.

Bains was initially arrested not for what he did to his patients, but rather for sexually assaulting a 19-year-old female tenant who was living in his home after allegedly plying her with alcohol and drugging her with pills that were supposedly for treating her acne. The teenager told police she believed he had also been videotaping her in the shower with the watch placed on a nearby bathroom shelf. Continue reading →

The German Army Is Apparently Full of Boobs

Call them the “breast of the breast.” Male members of a German army battalion known as the Wachbataillon guard have developed an unusual condition that causes their left breasts to grow in size. Known as gynecomastia, male breast enlargement can occur as a side effect of diseases, disorders or medication, but in this rare instance, it’s believed to be the result of military drills in which the soldiers repeatedly strike themselves on the left side of their chests with their rifles.  Continue reading →

When Medical Assistants Go Bad

When most people are asked about proper medical assistant training, they think about the hands-on duties — the clerical duties, the basic medical tasks — but there’s another, less apparent aspect of the job for which medical assistants require adequate education: ethics.

Behold exhibits A and B and C illustrating the importance of medical ethics training, each occurring just within the past few months:

In Lufkin, Texas, 43-year-old Rebecca Batson (pictured) allegedly used her position as a medical assistant at Dr. Carlton J. Lewis’ clinic to forge drug prescriptions for herself under his name. From 2011 to 2012, there were reportedly “an overwhelming amount of incidences” in which Batson picked up prescriptions for Hydrocodone, Xanax, Ambien and Clonazepam supposedly authorized by Lewis.

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Limbaugh Blames Shrinking Penis Size on Feminism

Angry bloated screaming thumb, Rush Limbaugh took to the airwaves yesterday to espouse his own personal theory on just why the national average penis size is shrinking. According to Limbaugh, it’s the dreaded menace of feminism that’s to blame. Why? Oh, who cares?

Let’s start from the top, shall we? Limbaugh saw an article from CBS Philadelphia who cited this unsourced factoid from a slideshow that said that American members have shrunk 10% in size since 1950. Those dopey Italian scientists who created the unsubstantiated nugget of wisdom blame air pollution. Pah!

“I don’t buy this. I think it’s feminism… Has to be the feminazis. I mean, the chickification, everything else.”

Video after the jump.

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Bars Getting Pregnancy Test Vending Machines

It’s not unusual for bars to have vending machines offering cigarettes or condoms or mouth wash but one bar in Mankato, Minnesota now sports a rather unique pregnancy test dispenser. The machine comes courtesy of a group called Healthy Brains for Children.

The purpose of the machines is to help stem the tide of children born with fetal alcohol syndrome. The non-profit hopes to put the machines in 100 different bars across Minnesota. Pub 500 is one of the bars with the machines and its co-owner Tom Frederick wants to make clear that this isn’t a money making venture for them.

“I don’t make a dime on the machine,” he said. “We just gave them wall space.”

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